Sling Back Flip Flop Tutorial

Flip flop season is upon us, y’all, and this Texas gal couldn’t be happier! Seriously, summers are made for wearing all kinds of sandals; flip flops included.

A couple of summers ago I snagged a pair of the Yoga Sling Sanuk flip flops and fell in love. They were light weight, easy to wear, and secured on my feet with soft knit fabric rather than a hard plastic strap. I’ve wanted to recreate them ever since then and am FINALLY getting around to it. After finishing this project, I am obsessed! I want to make many more and may even be giving them as gifts this summer!

You can use any kind of regular flip flop for the base, but I prefer Old Navy flip flops. Especially when they go on sale for $1… I’m pretty sure that sale will be happening soon. But, these were less than $4, so it was still a bargain. Want to know how to make them?

Sling Back Flip Flop Tutorial DIY // SewCaroline.comSupplies need:

1 pair of flip flops (like these from Old Navy)

About 1/2 yard of knit fabric – probably less (I used the Sprayed Blooms Subtle knit from my Chalk and Paint collection)

Hot glue gun + sticks

Bodkin (or something similar with a blunt end)

Basic sewing supplies

Step One:

Cut your fabric (please note, I wear a women’s size nine, so you may need to adjust these measurements a bit to get a correct fit for you. Just remember, you want the straps smaller than they actually need to be so they STRETCH and stay on!):

(2) 2″x4″

(2) 8″ x 6″

(2) 14″ x 6″

Cut the plastic straps off your flip flops and discard.

Sling Back Flip Flop Tutorial DIY //

Step Two:

Take the small 2″ x 4″ strips and fold them in half long ways with right sides together. Sew along the long edge at 1/4″. (You can use your sewing machine or serger). Using the bodkin or a safety pin, flip the strip to the right side and press.

Insert the short ends into the top hole of the flip flop. Use the bodkin or something else with a blunt end to help get the ends through the hole. They should stick out about 1/2″. Using your glue gun, get a good amount of glue into the flip flop hole. As you glue the fabric to the flip flop, press the ends hard into the hole. Keep gluing until the ends feels secure.

Repeat this for the other flip flop.

Sling Back Flip Flop Tutorial DIY // SewCaroline.comSling Back Flip Flop Tutorial DIY //

Step Three:

Take one of the 14″ x 6″ strips and thread it through the loop hole you created. Align the short edges to one another with right sides facing and stitch in place at 1/4″.(You can use your sewing machine or serger). Flip the fabric so the right side is facing and repeat for the other flip flop. (NOTE: the long edges are left raw – since you’re using knit, there’s no need to worry about fraying!)Sling Back Flip Flop Tutorial DIY //

Step Four:

Take one of your 8″ x 6″ pieces and insert one of the 6″ sides into the left bottom hole. Repeat the gluing process found in step two. Take the other edge and repeat for the bottom right hole. (NOTE: the 8″ edges are left raw – since you’re using knit, there’s no need to worry about fraying!)Sling Back Flip Flop Tutorial DIY //

Step Five:

Thread the longer loop of fabric under the short loop and try them on!
Sling Back Flip Flop Tutorial DIY // SewCaroline.comSling Back Flip Flop Tutorial DIY //

I can’t wait to see the flip flops you sew for yourself!

Happy sewing + happy weekend!

xo, Caroline

30 thoughts on “Sling Back Flip Flop Tutorial

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! Those look so comfy…. I have always hated the feel of the hard plastic between my toes, but these look comfy. Time to look for some cheap flip-flops and what a good use for some knit fabric I have laying around.

  2. Love these! Do you sew together the sides of the 8×6″ before step four (like you do with the other pieces)? Can’t wait to put these together!

  3. Going to have to make these. I have fybromyalgia & have lost sensation in my toes which makes it hard to keep thongs on (can’t grip well, when you can’t feel), but I SO love them! Have several colors just waiting to be transformed.

  4. I’m curious, have you worn these enough? I love the idea of making my own slingbacks with my scrap fabrics but the glue part sounds skeptical for me. Do they stay together after some wear? I’m so excited to make a few pairs!

    1. I’ve worn them a bunch and haven’t had any problems with them coming apart!

  5. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I fell in love with the sanuk slings on zulily just in time for them to sell out and I’m not spending $40 on flip flops no matter how cute! Can’t wait to try this out!

  6. Love the material! I have made sandals similar to yours, but I sewed the material to 6mm buttons on the bottom to make them last longer and more water friendly. It also helps to not “feel” the knots on the bottom. Just push the material through the hole, sew to the button, and I added some glue to the button so the thread would not get worn out. Try it, it really works, and thanks for the post!

  7. I just cut out a summer shift with light weight knit with scraps left over.I can’t wait to make matching flip flops for my new dress! Such a clever idea! thank you.

  8. Can’t wait to make these. I will change one thing. I will try to use the strap plugs that I cut off and glue them back into the holes. Not sure it will work but going to try. Thanks for an awesome tutorial.

      1. Yes Lisa it worked perfectly. I also cut the pieces the sizes in the directions but did not find and sew them. Knit fabric does not fray.

  9. Does it matter which way the stretch goes? I’m assuming the most amount of stretch should be the larger length, but if it’s equal stretch, does it really batter?

  10. I too found the “yoga” shoes a couple years ago & have several (won’t say how many!) LOL Just love them, but some/most of the prints found “just aren’t quite IT”. Have been playing around with making some & just stumbled across your tutorial. SUPER DUPER – just deleted all my other “ideas (with modification notes)”. No need to keep – yours does it all & so easy – Thanks. I usually “re-fashion” shoes when I have made a top so it’s more a coordinated look. Now to find the scrap bag to make a couple pair for a vacation & won’t ruin my bought ones.

    1. Hi! I wear a size nine, so I really don’t think you need to alter the pattern at all since the fabric you’re going to use is stretchy 🙂

  11. What a cool idea. The Old Navy sale was June 24th. I had my daughter get me some, too many, but now I’m glad. I’m going to try these.

  12. I loved the idea, but I changed it just a little. I didn’t care for the strap across my foot so I put two more loops on the side and ran the strap through it. Unfortunately I am not as talented with the computer and sending pictures to show you.

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