Parkside Shorts and Skirt Sew-Along Day 3 + Side Slit Tutorial

Good morning, y’all! Hope you’re ready for some sewing today!

Yesterday we completed steps 1-4 of the Parkside Shorts + Skirt and I posted a tutorial on how to sew a double welt pocket. Did you have a chance to read that post? You’ll want to head over there to get caught up.

Before we begin, have you grabbed your copy of the Parkside Shorts + Skirt yet? And have you joined our closed group on Facebook? I hope to see you there!Parkside Shorts and Skirt Sew-a-long || SewCaroline.comToday we are going to cover steps 5-10 in the instructions, plus I’m going to give you a little tutorial on how to make side slits in your shorts or skirt. This added flair can really go a long ways! So, grab your fabric and lets do this!

Steps 5-7 are designated for the Parkside SHORTS, skip to step 8 if you’re only sewing the SKIRT.

Step Five: Align two matching leg pieces right sides together and pin in place along the crotch seam. Sew this seam together and finish with a serger or zig zag stitch and then press towards the back.Parkside Shorts and Skirt Sew-a-long ||

Step Six: Taking the same pair of leg pieces, match along the outer edge, pin in place and stitch (*if you’re wanting to add side slits instead of a traditional straight edge, skip down to the bottom of this post!). Finish this edge with a serger or zig zag stitch and press towards the back. Parkside Shorts and Skirt Sew-a-long || SewCaroline.comRepeat steps 5 and 6 for the other matching leg pieces.

Step seven: Turn one of the leg pieces right side out and place it inside the one that is wrong side out. Match the crotch seams and pin in place around the “U” shape. Stitch, finish, and press this seam.Parkside Shorts and Skirt Sew-a-long || SewCaroline.comSteps 8-10 are designated for the Parkside SKIRT, go back to step 5 if you’re only sewing the SHORTS.

For constructing the back skirt piece, you have two options. Option 1 finishes the center back edges, sews the pieces together and simply topstitches them down. Option two does not finish the center back edges, but sews the pieces together (either right sides together or wrong sides together, depending on what look you are going for) and then tucks under the raw edges of this seam allowance. See below for more details.

Step eight: OPTION 1: Finish the straight edges of the skirt back pieces and align them to one another with right sides together. Pin and sew in place. OPTION 2: Don’t finish the seams and simply align the two back pieces together (either right sides together or wrong sides together, depending on what look you are going for), pin and stitch in place along the straight edge. BOTH OPTIONS: Press the seam allowance open (NOT to one side).(example shown below for O2, the only difference for O1 is that the seam allowance raw edges would be finished.)Parkside Shorts and Skirt Sew-a-long || SewCaroline.comStep nine: OPTION 1: Top stitch the seam allowances to the skirt at 1/4″ from the seam on either side. OPTION 2: Tuck the raw edge of the seam allowance in towards the seam and press in place. Do this on both sides and top stitch down. The first photo below shows the skirt sewn with right sides together, the second shows the skirt sewn with wrong sides together (this is a great option for wovens -like chambray! – that have different colors or textures on each side of the fabric)Parkside Shorts and Skirt Sew-a-long || choose the wrong side and right side!)Parkside Shorts and Skirt Sew-a-long || Parkside Shorts and Skirt Sew-a-long ||

Step ten: align the skirt front with the skirt back with right sides together at the side seams. Pin and stitch in place, finish the edges and press towards the back.

Side Slit Tutorial

Adding a side slit to your shorts or skirt is really simple and doesn’t take that much extra time. Want to learn how? Here we go!Side Slit Tutorial || SewCaroline.comThe side slits will be sewn in place of step six above. So, after step five, start here.

Take one pair of leg pieces (that have already been sewn at the crotch seam) and align along the outer edge. Measure from the hem up 3″ and mark with two pins (to remind yourself to stop sewing here!) and pin the rest of the way up. Starting at the top, sew down to your double pins and backstitch.Side Slit Tutorial || SewCaroline.comPress this seam allowance FLAT and continue pressing through the hem.Side Slit Tutorial || SewCaroline.comTuck the raw edges of the seam allowances in towards the stitch line (like we did for option two on step nine above), press in place and topstitch. You’ll tuck and top stitch all the way down to the hem.Side Slit Tutorial || SewCaroline.comSide Slit Tutorial || SewCaroline.comGo ahead and hem your shorts/skirt by pressing towards the wrong side at 1/4″ and again at 1″ and proceed to step seven!Side Slit Tutorial || SewCaroline.comSide Slit Tutorial ||


I hope you’ll join us tomorrow for Day 3 of the Parkside Shorts + Skirt Sew-A-Long + a tutorial on how to line your Parkside Skirt!

Happy Sewing!

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  2. Love all the datails and options! I am trying them ALL on my first pair to see what I like for the next ones!

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