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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving with family and friends. We celebrated with our home group from church on the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving and we reminisced on all we had to be thankful for! Last year, Tinsley was the only baby in the group and this year there were three MORE babies with an additional one almost  on the outside. We’ve all been so blessed this year! We spent the rest of the holiday with family spending time out doors, eating way too much food and feasting on delicious desserts. We feel so full in so many ways after the time we spent away.

Today I am excited to share about something that Simple Life Patterns has started: Get The Look Kits! Katie (who runs SLPCo) has become a great friend to me over the past year. We love bouncing ideas off one another and seeking advice for things we’re planning on launching, etc. When she told me about this idea, I immediately thought it was genius! How awesome to be able to snag a pattern and fabric and be CERTAIN that it will be a great match?! Ah! I just love this idea!

I had the pleasure of curating two looks for her with my new collection, Here Comes the Fun! My looks are from the SLPCo baby collection. Below are links to the “Get the Look Kit” I created, where you can purchase the pattern and the fabric together! Grab them all, y’all. They’re such quick and easy sews! I hope you enjoy!

LOOK #1: Baby Ayda sewn in Corollas Ashen + Baby Sarah Ann Leggings sewn in Across Sparks Black KnitSLPCo Get The LookSLPCo Get The LookSLPCo Get The Look Look #2: Baby Taylor Shift Dress sewn in Improv Strokes Berry + Baby Sarah Ann Leggings sewn in Happy Whisper KnitSLPCo Get The Look SLPCo Get The Look SLPCo Get The Look

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Happy Sewing!

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  1. I can’t get over how adorable these looks are! Your babe is getting so big and looks perfect in your fabric.

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