Sew Your Own Espadrilles!

A couple of years ago I started seeing bloggers post about… MAKING THEIR OWN SHOES. I was super intrigued and decided to give it a whirl with my new fabric line, Here Comes the Fun. It takes very minimal fabric and just  few items that can be ordered through Amazon or picked up at your local Hobby Lobby. I had so much fun making mine that I just had to share with you all 🙂

Here are links for what you’ll need to purchase:

  • Pattern + soles (I would size down from what you normally wear! Not sure on the kids/toddlers, though): for ADULTS, for KIDS, and for TODDLERS
  • Needles – straight and curved; I am glad I purchased these. My regular hand sewing needles would not have cut it!
  • Yarn – be sure to get a color that matches your fabric!
  • Stabilizer – you can use a regular medium weight interfacing from your stash if you don’t want to purchase this!
  • Yarn Wax – helps strengthen the yard and reduce tangled messes!

DIY Espadrilles // www.SewCaroline.comDIY Espadrilles // www.SewCaroline.comDIY Espadrilles // DIY Espadrilles // www.SewCaroline.comDIY Espadrilles //

The fabric I used is Improv Strokes in Berry from my new collection, Here Comes the Fun!

The pattern for the espadrilles is included in the kit with the soles. It is really straight forward and simple to put together. I typically hate hand-sewing projects, but this one was pretty easy and went together quickly. Plus I made something I had never made before and THAT was a win in my book!

xo + happy sewing,


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  1. the Espadrilles looks super good. so colorful. I will definitely give it a try for my little one. Can you please guide me where i can get the fabric with start wars printed in it. Thanks again for giving such a beautiful idea, being into sewing industry, i never thought of making this.. I will subscribe to your blog to receive more blog posts like this straight into my inbox 🙂

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