DIY: Beachy Headband

Spring is here and Summer is right behind it, so today I am excited to share with you a simple DIY beachy headband!
I don’t know about you, but I LOVE wearing headbands. When I was in the “trying to grow my bangs out” process and headbands were the only thing keeping me sane!
Here’s a fun & easy DIY to make your own beachy headband!

All you need is about 1/4 yard of fabric, about 5″ of 1/4″ elastic, scissors, and a sewing machine.

(print to 100%)

First, cut out your pattern pieces.

Then cut them out of your fabric.
You’ll have two “headband” pieces and one rectangle piece.
next, sew the two headband pieces right sides on either side, leaving the ends open.
fold//press your rectangle pice down the long side and sew a seam down that long side leaving the ends open.
Use a safety pin to flip it right side out.
take your piece of 1/4″ elastic and slip it inside of the “tube” you created. Sew one end of the elastic to one end of the “tube”.
Stretch the elastic and feed it to the other end (using a safety pin) and sew those ends together.
On the small ends of the headband, tuck in your raw edges and sew one end of the (now) elastic tube. Do the same on the other side. Now, you have a headband!
*This post first appeared on the Lovestitched Blog!*

5 thoughts on “DIY: Beachy Headband

  1. This is adorable. I am heavily involved in my local community theatre and during dance rehearsals I am constantly swiping my hair out of my face. These will work wonders. I understand completely about growing your hair out. I am in the process of doing the same. Thanks for the post!


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