Harrison’s Birth Story + Newborn Photos

Even though our sweet Harrison David is already over 6 months old (time, QUIT DOING THAT!) I thought it would be a great idea to share his birth story here. Harrison’s birth story could NOT have been more different than Tinsley’s ((which I am thankful for)). It was fast + furious and OMGSOPAINFUL.Harrison's Birth Story || CarolineHulse.com

Last October (2016) right after Tinsley turned one,

we found out we were expecting a baby! We were so excited and thankful that it happened so quickly because our journey to get pregnant with Tinsley took a little bit more time. On October 24th, though, I found myself bleeding and ended up miscarrying that sweet baby at about 6 or 7 weeks along. It was a strange day. I was at the hospital that morning with a sonogram tech telling me there was no heartbeat and spent the afternoon closing on a new house for our growing family. We were very sad and I felt very alone because not many people knew were were expecting yet. David and I decided not to “try” for a few months to allow our hearts to grieve, my body to heal and to get through the holidays without the added stress of trying to get pregnant.

Harrison's Birth Story || CarolineHulse.comFast forward to early December that same year.

I was in the bathroom on the phone with David as he was signing us up for a new health insurance plan. He needed to know whether or not I was pregnant. I assured him I was in fact NOT pregnant, but he insisted I take a pregnancy test just in case. We sat on the phone and talked about our day as I peed on a stick and waited for it to turn up negative. After a few minutes the test read positive and I one hundred percent did not believe it. There was no way. No chance. We weren’t even trying for this.

After 3 more positive reads, it was true that God’s plan was greater than ours and he had, yet again, formed a baby in my womb. It was unbelievable, shocking and we were so excited.Harrison's Birth Story || CarolineHulse.comMy pregnancy with Harrison was fairly easy, although it was a lot more difficult than I remember my first pregnancy being. My belly swelled faster, by body ached more and by the end I was up most nights pacing. I was so ready for him to be here! We had decided (again) to not find out the gender of our baby until birth, and I was totally convinced it was another girl ((obviously I was wrong, so much for maternal instincts..)).Harrison's Birth Story || CarolineHulse.comHarrison's Birth Story || CarolineHulse.com

So, on to Harrison’s birth story…

When I gave birth to Tinsley, I ended up having to have a c-section. I am convinced it was because my body just wasn’t ready to give birth and we rushed it along… SO, my entire pregnancy I had been hoping and praying for a VBAC. My doctor was super on board with it and she continually monitored me throughout my entire pregnancy.

I continued to be patient and resisted the urge to plan a repeat c-section and I am really glad I did. I honestly don’t know how women who have repeat c-sections recover while taking care of a newborn AND toddler! You ladies are inspiring.. Seriously!

Harrison's Birth Story || CarolineHulse.com

Ok, for real on to his birth story now..

I began having Braxton Hicks contractions REALLY early in my pregnancy this time. By mid-July I was having them every day.. Especially when I worked out. So on the morning of July 31st, I did my regular routine of Stroller Strides first thing in the morning. We played with some friends and I was looking for something to do to pass the time.

My friend Katie and I went to the Happy Lark with our kids (Tinsley + Patton are BFFs) and then to Chick Fil A for lunch. I had been having major (real) contractions for about 24 hours at this point, but nothing unbearable and they were all really sporadic. I was honestly trying to keep my days as full as possible and wanting my water to break every minute (ha!).

Harrison's Birth Story || CarolineHulse.comWhen we got home from CFA, Tinsley took a nap and I tried to rest, too. Before she got up I took a shower and noticed my water had started leaking. My contractions were still sporadic, but I knew it was coming. I thought I would go to Target or something to try and walk them out. At that point I realized that no one had a bag packed for the hospital. I had a pair of panties and some breast pads in a bag and that was it… ha!

Harrison's Birth Story || CarolineHulse.comAs I began to pack a bag for me, baby, my husband and my daughter (who was going to stay with Katie and her husband that night) my contractions hit HARD. SUPER intense and less than 2 minutes apart.. I started panicking and called David to get home ASAP. Katie got there to grab Tinsley ((and help me finish packing!!)), and David FINALLY made it home after getting stuck in traffic downtown.

When we finally made it to Labor + Delivery…

(around 6:30PM), there were NO ROOMS AVAILABLE – yeah. I know. After waiting in the waiting room for what seemed like, I don’t know, FOREVER.. I was finally admitted into a room.

Harrison's Birth Story || CarolineHulse.comOnce we got settled into our triage room, I was immediately begging for an epidural. They “checked” me and I was dilated to almost a 6. My water finally fully broken and by the time my doctor got there 30 minutes later I was almost at a 9. Still waiting on that epidural. I was one of those ladies you see in the movies – over dramatic, screaming, the works. You wouldn’t have believed it. Or maybe you would.

Harrison's Birth Story || CarolineHulse.comMy anesthesiologist finally was able to administer the epidural (Yes, I still got one. No, I could not have endured labor without it. Yes, I know I was so close.) and I almost kissed him on the mouth I was so happy. As soon as the drugs began to kick in I began to feel calmer and less rushed. The epidural really slowed things down, which I was actually thankful for. The whole thing was happening SO fast and although I was anxious about seeing our sweet babe, I was also really nervous the actual labor part – I had never done that before.

Harrison's Birth Story || CarolineHulse.comOnce things got settled, my doctor came in and I began to push. I pushed for probably an hour before he came. In the hype of getting the epidural I think I was over zealous in telling the Dr. how I was feeling – I wanted that stuff to work FAST, so I kept telling him to add more (ha!) … I couldn’t feel a THING below my waist, so pushing was a little difficult because I wasn’t sure what or where to push because I could not feel those muscles. Once I figure out a rhythm I was able to push that baby out.

I was SHOCKED he was a boy, but immediately in LOVE. What a moment!

Harrison David Hulse

was born on July 31, 2017 at 11:35PM weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces (a whole pound heavier than his sister!) and was 20.5” long (an inch longer than TInsley!). It was a sweet sweet night.

I have never been in more pain or felt more pride than I did that evening. I was so happy to have a successful VBAC and thankful for a doctor who let me – I know that isn’t always the case, unfortunately.Harrison's Birth Story || CarolineHulse.comHarrison's Birth Story || CarolineHulse.comSo there you have it. The very dramatic birth story of my second child.


Newborn photos by my talented friend, Elle Boone Photography.

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  1. Congratulations! Believe me, you felt plenty of labor! Making it to 9 cm without an epidural is quite an accomplishment! (As a former L&D nurse, I can tell you, the fast labors are definitely the most painful! Good job!) You and your family are just adorable, and I’m so happy for all of you! I really enjoy your blog, fabric and designs! Thank you for your creativity! (If you ever decide to do any classes in the area, please let us know! I’d love to come – I live in Bedford!)

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