New year, new content, new look, NEW BLOG!

We are already over a month into 2018, but it’s not too late to start fresh, right? I’m so excited to tell you what I’ve been up to! It’s a new year and I’m here to share the new content, new look and my NEW BLOG!

Over the past eight years I have occupied a corner of the internet sharing my sewing tutorials, fabrics, sewing patterns, my BOOK, and more. If you’ve been around for a long time you know I started my blog when I was still in college. You saw me through college graduation, engagement, marriage, being newlyweds, jobs, and babies. It has been SUCH  fun || New blog and content

I shared about it a little on Instagram last month, but over the past 18 months or so, I’ve felt a shift in my passions. Sewing will always hold a very special place in my heart, but it is  not something I am passionate about any more. Honestly, it makes me sad that I don’t love it like I used to. I remember (literally) dreaming about sewing when I was in the thick of it.. Nothing could stop me from staying up to the weeee hours of the morning to complete a project. Or to buy way too much fabric for a single garment (or with no project in mind! ha!). Until one day it didn’t light my fire anymore. I started feeling this nudge while I was pregnant with Tinsley, but brushed it off as hormones. Unfortunately, those feelings continued after she was born.

Over the course of her little life I have had spurts of feeling “off” and “on” but my heart has never gotten back to the place it once was.  I am finally starting to be okay with || New blog and content

I’ve struggled on what to post and how to say it because I feel like I’m letting a huge tribe of friends down. The things I want to write about and share with you all don’t have anything to do with sewing, so I have felt it isn’t my place to share. I have an amazing community of followers and friends who I want to continue along with me! But self-doubt keeps creeping in. What if.. They hate me? They don’t care? I am wasting my time? The truth is, all of those things may be true.

But  here is the thing: I have so many topics swimming in my head that I want to write about and I have a place I have built to do that. So I have decided to go for it. And I TRULY hope you stick around to hang out with me! || New blog and content

What can you expect from this space now?

Topics you can expect to see on my blog include: fashion, beauty, family, kids and of course a bit of sewing thrown in here and there. I am excited to share my favorite brands, sales, beauty hacks, and more with all of you guys. I want to build a community of women who want to empower one another to do what they’re called to do. Whether that be running your household or your dream job (or both ;)), I hope is a place you can find inspiration, budget friendly products and encouragement.

I love you guys + am so thankful for each of you!

Don’t miss this!

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41 thoughts on “New year, new content, new look, NEW BLOG!

  1. Blog looks great! I started following you for sewing and I still love to sew, but I understand how life changes, especially with motherhood. I’m glad you’re doing what makes you happy, that’s what’s most important! I look forward to your new content.

  2. You are such a light, I can’t imagine your content being boring. You *have* to do what you feel called to, even if there is doubt and naysayers. Many blessings on this space!

  3. I am so excited for what’s to come in this space! Passions change and I’m glad you’re strong enough to run with it! I love your transparency!

  4. As a mom of young adults now, I can tell you I went through this very thing. I’ve always had a passion for sewing but it would come and go at different phases of my life. As your children grow older and need you less, I have no doubt you’ll go back to the fun of sewing again!

  5. I started following you for your sewing adventures. But I think it is normal to fall into and out of hobbies, just like different phases of life happen. I am excited about your new content!

  6. Thank you for you honesty. Blogland needs more real people in it. I enjoy following you since we are in the same season of life…I have 2 young children and stay home plus work a small side business. Can’t wait to see where the Lord takes you and this new site.

  7. Sewing was what brought me to your IG. I’m excited to see what’s next for you. My kids are grownups and my passions for sewing, crafting, cooking etc have changed many times over the years. Do what makes you happy. Enjoy every minute with your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing what inspires you. Have fun!!!

  8. Congratulations on the new blog. I’ve been with you from your sewing blog days and I’m not going anywhere! Looking forward to what’s in store!

  9. Congrats! Growth should be scary since it requires change. Love the new look. As you grow and develop new hobbies and passions your blog should too. Stretch, grow, and do! Can’t wait to follow along on your journey.

  10. Wow!! Hey neighbor – you are so cool!! 🙂 super excited I stumbled across your blog and can’t wait to read and get to know you more!!

  11. Beautiful new site! Love that you’re following what you want to do and what your passionate about. We all change over time and that’s perfectly fine. Can’t wait to continue following you on your journey.

  12. I feel exactly the same way about knitting and I know that conflicted feeling so well. Part of me feels like I have a limb missing but the other part just doesn’t really care. It’s hard to throw your everything into something that can be so time consuming and draining. I’m super excited to keep reading, whatever content you post!

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